Kitchen redesign with white marble and white cabinets and dark painted island


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Do you want to update your kitchen but there is just not enough room in your budget to do it all? Well fear not my friend because I`ve got you covered! Bring me your doors and drawers and I`ll spray them. They`ll receive a factory coating finish. When I`m finished, I`ll return your doors and drawer fronts and give you a DIY kit that contains everything you need to finish the job on your own. The kit includes tools, paint, and step by step instructions for you to paint your own boxes. It`s that easy. Save a lot of money and feel great about your DIY kitchen or laundry renovation. Send a message or give me a call for more information.

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This was such a fun transformation! Sure wanted to ditch her boring beige countertops and give them a splash of color. That’s exactly what I did. Factory finish isn’t just for cabinets. Transform your ugly countertops into a surface you’ll love! She’s looking forward to working at her desk!

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Do you want to make an interior style change but aren’t sure where to start? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the beautiful things you see in posts, reels, articles, pins, and more, just reach out to Urban Grace. We’re here to help.

We can help as little or as much as you want. Color consultations, re-design services, shopping, cabinet painting, and more are all customizable services we offer. We have hundreds of large paint samples, years of experience, and lots of wisdom to share.

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Did you know that you spend more than 1,000 hours a year in the kitchen?

Instead of dwelling on your outdated cabinets, consider transforming your kitchen with Urban Grace Cabinet Painting. Our process takes only 5 days. Spend those 1,000 hours in a kitchen you love!

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You can absolutely get your cabinets done, now for even less! Just drop off your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts for me to spray. When they are finished, you can pick up the newly painted pieces along with a fabulous DIY kit that includes everything you need to paint your boxes yourself. IStep by step instructions are included too!
This is a great way to transform your kitchen with little bit of sweat equity and help from Urban Grace. It will look so good when it`s done! Call or text for more information.

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